Snapshot 07: Dates in the details

Wanderlust Picture Club - Snapshot 07: Dates in the details

© Wanderlust Picture Club 2017

As someone who naturally errs towards street photography in cities, where there’s action aplenty and countless angles to frame, I often find switching to shooting in rural areas a tricky conversion.

Looking for landscapes is straightforward, of course, and if you’ve the knack (and, more often than not, a tripod) you can bag some truly stunning pictures, ripe for printing onto postcards.

Finding details, though – a staple of the seasoned street photographer – can feel much more difficult. Trees, after all, have only so many branches.

Wherever you are, buildings make an excellent starting point. Equipped with a zoom lens, one’s drawn to highlight the texture of the bricks, the shadows dancing across the narrow strips of render, and the individual marks of those who built the structure.

And, like any search for detail, focussing in on buildings can serve up plenty of secrets.

Take the date stone on this converted chapel: 1566, it states, is the year it was erected.

That makes this compact construction, nestled as it is at the junction of two lanes, more than 450 years old. Yet here it stands – unassuming, resolute, in its new life as a family home. Dates, not the devil, are in these details.

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