Snapshot 13: Pondering through panes

Wanderlust Picture Club - Snapshot 13

© Wanderlust Picture Club 2017

Sometimes it’s just too wet to go outside. OK, so I could technically open the door – but when the water’s pouring this perpetually there’s little that will motivate me to move into the rain.

In fact, I’d much rather sit beside a window and watch the drops coming down, burning my fingertips on a warm cup of tea as the urge to snooze grows ever stronger.

All of which is very hygge – but makes taking my daily shot a little bit tricky.

Short of snapping some not-so-thrilling pictures – albeit perfectly framed ones – of inanimate household objects, sometimes a little jaunt down memory lane has to suffice as a creative outlet.

So it is with today’s photograph, taken a week ago in a Marlborough bookshop that just happens to have a wonderful window seat tucked away on its creaky second floor.

Having grabbed a paperback (or five), I love to set myself up beside the panes – superficially to peruse the prose in my palms, but more realistically to lose myself whilst looking through rain-spattered glass at a bustling high street teeming with umbrellas.

And, whilst they’re not libraries, I find that bookshops, of all the world’s places, understand this need for rainy day reflection.

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