Snapshot 15: Berries for bears

Wanderlust Picture Club - Snapshot 15

© Wanderlust Picture Club 2017

Is there a more appealing sight on a rural ramble than berries fresh for the nibbling?

Tinged by crimson hues not found on any supermarket shelf, these fruity offerings show why strolling in the countryside is such a sweet exercise.

Yes, they don’t come close in appearance to the kind of berries you find glistening on labels, nor indeed the sort seen at the bottom of trifles.

Stretching out a paw, though, pulling one from the branch and savouring its saccharine deliciousness is a simple pleasure unrivalled by that offered by any sugary snack from a packet.

Perhaps it’s the leafy green surroundings, perhaps it’s the notion of foraging for food like our forefathers, or perhaps it’s the distracted joy of nibbling while giggling at a perplexed pheasant trying desperately to flee under the nearest bush – but there’s something undeniably titillating about picking wild produce and enjoying its juicy flavours, no process in between.

Made fresher by tides of recent rain, nature’s vegetable patch is abundant at present with treats for the taking – in reasonable measure, of course: brown bears are known to enjoy their delights – and nice as Paddington might be, you wouldn’t want to deny him a snack.

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