Snapshot 17: Raindrops & ripples

Wanderlust Picture Club - Snapshot 17

© Wanderlust Picture Club 2017

Rain is part and parcel of any adventure – whether that’s down to the shops or into deepest Myanmar.

Rather than letting it ruin your day, though, it’s doubtless better to embrace and celebrate the precipitation, unwanted or otherwise.

While that might be easier achieved in the muggy humidity of Southeast Asia, where dipping inside an air-conditioned café for an iced coffee while the sky comes down outside makes for a perfect moment to update one’s journal, there’s always a positive to be found in the rain – wherever in the world you might be holed up today (which, for us, is Hampshire).

Besides their life-giving hydration, raindrops can give new, unexpected qualities to physical locations – qualities which are often too readily ignored while huddled beneath an umbrella, attempting to avoid soggy socks.

While the skies might be made a less appealing shade of grey by clouds heavy with drizzle, the ground conversely becomes a rippling mirror surface as streams of saturation pool upon the asphalt.

And, as more drops fall, these pools make shimmering reflections of their firm surroundings, blending leaves and buildings into swirling shapes bent by drips – giving even the dullest street a gleaming appearance, every surface a canvas.

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