Snapshot 19: Asphalt mapbooks

Wanderlust Picture Club - Snapshot 19

© Wanderlust Picture Club 2017

Is there a more appealing sight than the open road, weaving between cloud-wrapped mountains?

Offering horizons limited only by the size of your fuel tank, Europe’s winding asphalt can lead you any which way – whether down to the tip of Italy’s boot, or up, through Switzerland, to the north of this open landmass.

Descending in the shadow of Mont Blanc, having crossed a country border whilst deep within the narrow tunnel which burrows through its base, there’s a sense that, with just a turn one way or the other, we could rapidly arrive at a novel destination.

It’s a miraculous thing, the ability to drive one’s car onto a piece of land and have a whole continent offer its highways up before you – particularly for those familiar with visiting the further-flung countries, where border crossings and road conditions variously prohibit a truly unrestricted ability to traverse country upon country on a single set of wheels.

Whether or not one agrees with the EU experiment, it’s more than delivered for drivers, creating road trip opportunities like never before. Where once stood borders and barriers now there’s nothing but the sinuous curves of a motorway – which could take you anywhere.

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